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Our renowned landscaping and waterproofing service in Anchorage, AK offers high quality services

An expert landscaping and foundation repair service in Anchorage with one mission: to transform your outdoor space for the better!
No matter what time of the year it is, we'll be there. Our design and maintenance services will get your property looking exactly the way you want it. We are trained in a wide range of services that will beautify any outdoor space. Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, Hillside Landscaping & Excavating works to provide a service that is available when you are. We offer a variety of outdoor services including:
•  Foundation repair and waterproofing
•  Landscaping and tree removal
•  Curtain and French drains
•  New construction and remodeling
•  Snow removal
•  Keystone retaining wall construction and repair
•  Site preparation
•  Septic and excavation services
That is why we are Anchorage, AK's premier landscaping and foundation service.
Landscaped home entrance in Anchorage, AK

Your outdoor space

We understand how difficult it can be to find the time to make your lawn or garden look its very best. Our landscaping service has the experience and tools to get your outdoor space looking great when you can't or don't want to.

Having a well-organized, clean and tidy lawn and garden makes all the difference to the feel and value of your home.

Excavation work done for landscaping in Anchorage, AK

The perfect garden

We have loads of great ideas on how to improve the look and feel of your garden. We can help with selecting plants and flowers, choosing ornamentation, and designing a layout that will maximize your garden's potential. Our landscaping service in Anchorage, AK promises to give your garden a new, fresh look that you'll love.

Rock being removed for doing teh landscaping  in Anchorage, AK

Remodeling and Snow Removal

If your garden or public space needs repair, redesigning or new construction, we're the people to contact. Not only do we have a wide range of services, but it will eliminate the need for you to contact more than one service. Whether you need snow removal, construction site preparation, septic system maintenece or waterproofing services Hillside Landscaping & Excavating is your one-stop landscaping and foundation repair service.

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